Individual Radiosensitivity
Artificial Intelligence
Health risk assessments and uncertainties / Risk perception and communication
Challenges for the development and the implementation of health monitoring strategies
Challenges for environmental monitoring strategies –
_____Improving radiological assessments and management
Operational dosimetric units in radiation protection; Quantities – general legal aspects
Epigenetics vs genetics in living organisms
Introduce ENA to the 3rd ERPW2018 audience
Integration of RP Research in Europe


PLATFORM Topics – parallel sessions

Shape of the dose-response relationship for radiation-induced health effects.
Understanding the health effects of inhomogeneous dose distributions, radiation quality and internal emitters
Identity and roles of specific target cells for radiation-induced late developing health effects
Exploration and definition of the role of epigenetic modifications in radiation-induced health effects
Identification, development and validation of biomarkers for exposure, early and late effects for cancer or/and non-cancer diseases
Summaries of discussion in each session and open SRA discussion
NORM (TeNORM) issues session for dose assessment / remediation strategies
Nuclear decommissioning and Radioecology
Marine environment
Models to support radioprotection of non-human biota
Effects of ionising radiation at Low-doses, low dose rates
Atmospheric release
Radionuclide therapy and uncertainty in internal dosimetry
Optimization in CT and fluoroscopy – guided procedures
Breast RT; secondary cancers from RT
A tutorial on epidemiology in medical Radiation Protection
Radiation induced risks of CT scans
Open stakeholder Session on SRA priorities with SSH contribution in medicine
Space dosimetry, Aircrew dosimetry
Other Topics of relevance for the Radiological Research in Europe and Worldwide
Young scientists dedicated session – all relevant research Topics


Practical and E&T topics (for young scientists)

Practical Mobile Unit presentation + modern research and measurements requirements (for young scientists)
Social Sciences and Humanities dedicated themes
Education and Training Session :
_____Oral and poster presentations by young scientists from projects funded within CONCERT